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Two pieces of software, one mission.

Tassel provides educators with two different applications, both created to bridge the gap between school and technology.

  • App 1

    Tassel: Pathway

    For students, teachers, and administrators.
    To learn and grow together.

  • App 2

    Tassel: Evaluate

    For all administration staff.
    To make teacher evaluations simple.

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  • Tassel Pathway: Classroom productivity like never before.

    Tassel Pathway provides countless hours of content so you and your students never waste a moment.

    • assignment

      Student Tasks

      Assign and grade work through tasks. Teachers can create their custom classrooms with specific tasks for that group, or use our growing library of tasks available for free.

    • settings_applications

      Custom Profiles

      Students and teachers can build custom profiles, make connections, and join custom school groups. Each school can fully customize their clubs, sports, and much more.

    • explore

      College and Career Exploration

      With data from over 6,500 learning institutions and 1,000 careers, planning a student's future is easy.

    • military_tech

      Badges and Awards

      Award the students for their work within Tassel with the badges and awards! Students can earn points and see who has the most within their school or district.

  • Tassel: Evaluate

    Create custom evaluations for the entire staff, all in one place.

    • Assign and complete evaluations

      Teachers can login and complete their evaluations right then and there. No paperwork, no hoops.

    • Features

      • - Ready to use templates
      • - Custom template design
      • - Calendar and teacher scheduling
      • - Data Reporting
      • - Analytical dashboard overview

      All of that and much more.

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Mobile apps for both

Get the most out of what you're paying for. Both Tassel Pathway and Tassel Evaluate have mobile apps with iOS and Android support.

iPhone App

How it works

  • Click the button below to schedule a demo for you or your school.

    This won't involve the entire school, we just want to give you access until you're sure our software fits your needs.

  • Onboard your teachers and or students.

    If you decide this is the right fit, you'll be able to generate a custom invite token for all of your teachers or students.

    They'll head over to https://pathway.tassel.com or https://evaluate.tassel.com, register an account with us, and they're ready to go!

  • Start using it!

    You're off to the races! Whether you're using Tassel Pathway or Tassel Evaluate, you're ready to begin.

  • Need help or additional training?

    No problem. We're always online to help and are open to discussing live training sessions for you and your staff.

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Take a look

Here are just a few screenshots of our applications in use.

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    College exploration tool: Tassel Pathway

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    Viewing completed evaluation: Tassel Evaluate

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    Student Interest Inventory Quiz: Tassel Pathway